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In the last century, the change of The Times has kept the national industry in a depressed state for a long time. Until the end of 1970s, the wave of reform and opening up swept across the land of China, and the national industry gradually healed and recovered. With the rapid development of urbanization, high-rise buildings have mushroomed, enabling alpha founders to see the potential of the elevator industry in China. With the beautiful vision of helping China's modernization and promoting the progress of the elevator, they resolutely turned to the elevator industry.

Under the leadership of the founder of the company, jiangsu alpha drive technology co., ltd. was established in 2003, becoming one of the first enterprises to independently develop elevator drive equipment. In 2005, jiangsu alpha automatic equipment co., ltd. was established and committed to the development and application of core technologies. In September of the same year, the first generation permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine came out of the factory. After years of growth exploration and fission reconstruction, jiangsu alpha elevator co., LTD was formally established in June 2009. To lead the way in the industry and beyond. With the deepening of cultural exchanges between China and the west, the developed science and technology of European and American countries has been widely spread in China. As an industrial giant in the world for over a century, Germany's technological level has always been among the international leaders. The introduction of advanced equipment and technology from Germany by jiangsu alpha elevator is a fundamental guarantee for the company's products to be at the international leading level.

Jiangsu alpha elevator insists on the quality as an industrial brand, takes the establishment of "innovative enterprises" as the orientation, sticks to the combination of innovation and optimization with process inheritance, sticks to the development of independent research and development and the introduction of science and technology, and makes continuous progress to the new-type enterprises of science and technology, service and innovation. It plays an important role in leading the industry in technical innovation.

The product launched by jiangsu alpha elevator is similar to its own concept of "fast, safe and creative". In the cities built with reinforced concrete, it provides numerous rush riders with safety and meticulous care.

The brand value

Jiangsu alpha elevator not only conveys the concept of excellent quality and safety, but also demonstrates a never-say-die nature of seeking new and improving.

Brand positioning

Jiangsu alpha elevator is established by technological innovation, which is the core positioning of the enterprise. Therefore, the brand story should take innovation as the entry point, and highlight the internationalization and specialization of the enterprise.

Capture consumer psychology

The story revolves around the two elements of innovation and quality, so that consumers can be attracted by the elevator full of creativity and feel the enterprise connotation of positive and struggling.

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