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Specializing in passenger elevators, cargo elevators, inorganic room elevators, escalators, automatic sidewalks and various types of mechanical parking equipment

Alfa elevator car, the use of advanced technology, specially designed according to the special needs of the car in the space, performance, flexibility, higher reliability, provide the service for your car no danger of anything going wrong.

Car elevator

Build a new height of the car vertical launch

Alfa car lift function similar to the heavy load freight elevator, to achieve a free car in the vertical space on, in the design fully consider the automotive products need a self-contained discharge of large space and large load, the freight elevator industry advanced technology, reliable performance, convenient use, flexible parking, suitable for large shopping malls and logistics center, auto 4S shop.

Double control box button

The car is equipped with two control box button, the driver need not get out of the car, you can control the elevator.

Special display system

The special circuit control and display system is convenient for the driver and the driver of the car outside the car.

Safety guiding device

The safety guide device is arranged on the ground in the car to ensure the safety of the elevator and the automobile.

Can open the door before and after

Before and after the opening of the door: the elevator car is equipped with front and rear door, which is more convenient for car out of the car and safety.

Alfa elevator is not only the product of modern technology, but also the crystallization of contemporary art. Modeling fashion generous car elevator, everywhere highlight the distinguished character, the unique design style closely grasp the city pulse.

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