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Specializing in passenger elevators, cargo elevators, inorganic room elevators, escalators, automatic sidewalks and various types of mechanical parking equipment

Alfa called on the sightseeing elevator building mobile art, beautiful and exquisite, is riding comfort and visual beauty of the perfect combination, not only suitable for large shopping malls, shopping centers, exhibition hall, hotel and other places, can also add a bright color for office building.

Escalator series

Advanced research technology, cast to high qualityAlfa escalators with advanced technology and advanced design manufacturing, with smooth operation, low noise, durable, easy maintenance, its compact structure, excellent ladder Road, delicate way, luxurious appearance beautiful, give a new sense of bright and comfortable passenger, allow you to enjoy the modern architecture charismatic and luxurious.

High efficiency drive, frequency conversion energy saving

High precision, high efficiency helical gear reducer, more efficient than the traditional worm gear reducer, fully guarantee the efficient use of energy. Frequency conversion specifications, a variety of methods of detection of passenger flow, automatic stop when no one, to avoid invalid operation, saving electricity.

4 major advantages, the flow of aesthetics

1. the beauty of the precision structure

High strength metal structure, the construction of precise size; super conscious aesthetic design, harmony and building perfect.

2 .luxury beauty of the temperament

Glass panels, decorative edge.

3. high efficiency and safety of the United States

With a fault display, can accurately analyze the operation status and display on the screen to ensure timely and effective maintenance.

4. science and technology induction of the United States

Automatic enable / stop operating device, located near the floor board equipped with automatic induction sensor, passengers can automatically detect and run, when the passengers will automatically stop when leaving.

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