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Specializing in passenger elevators, cargo elevators, inorganic room elevators, escalators, automatic sidewalks and various types of mechanical parking equipment

Colorful decoration, space is decorated more beautiful

Large supermarket, public buildings for Alfa automatic sidewalk in modern city, airport, exhibition center and transport stations and other public transportation situations, autowalk because of its characteristics of the product itself, can not only meet the transportation problem of the large flow of people, and can meet the long distance walking and carrying luggage car, car, baby the shopping cart, the disabled vehicle that make people ride in the time especially in the occasion of shopping downstairs on the floor have Rulvpingdi feeling, greatly facilitates people's travel and shopping. Its convenient, fast and pleasant ride needs, which has become the major supermarkets, airports, exhibition centers and transport conversion stations preferred solution.

Energy saving operation mode

Energy saving can be realized by frequency conversion control or self starting mode.

Green channel, step more rest assured

Compact structure, strain free

Alfa automatic sidewalk guide rail technology and mechanical systems, the compact design of the drive system to reduce the size of the sidewalk, so that the space of the building to be effectively used.

Fashion appearance

With a variety of hand color and stamping pattern front plate design, colorful decorative effect, can meet the individual needs of different environments.

Transport capacity is very strong

Automatic sidewalk has a very strong ability to transport, can meet the needs of modern people in different aspects of transportation, suitable for airports, shopping centers, hotels, recreation centers and other places.

Unique creative design, to minimize the requirements of space. Strong structure to ensure sufficient load. At the same time, the transportation of large shopping mall and the airport station busy stream of people at the same time, saving every inch of space, fully consider the needs of modern urban transport.

0~12 degree of tilt angle, according to the different uses of the building and the environment, free choice.

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