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Sales engineer

5 members      salary: negotiable    apply for this post

Job Responsibilities:

1, contacting regional agents and sales outlets, collecting, tracking project information, making project forecast.

2, doing the service and guidance work for the agents and sales outlets, assisting with the preparation of the quotation and tender.

3, participating in the reception of regional visitors, introducing business and products.

4, participating in contract negotiations, guiding the contract drafting, submitting for contract review and signing the contract.

5, guiding the identification of civil engineering drawings, tracking the progress of on-site construction, providing information for the contract execution schedule.

6, supervising the collecting of payment and project funds, responsible for the settlement of business fees, and making approval according to the authority.

7, completing other tasks assigned by the superior leaders;

Job Requirements :

1, more than one year work experience in elevator marketing.

2, familiar with the operation of office software, able to see CAD drawings.

3, working actively with good mental state, good at communication,having strong understanding and learning ability.

4, college education and above.

R & D Technical Engineer

2 members    salary: negotiable  apply for this post

1, below 35 years old, college degree or above, mechanical or mechanical and electrical major (fresh graduates are also accepted).

2, proficient in CAD design software, solidworks, photoshop and 3DMAX and other software.

3, have certain knowledge of the technique, and environment and safety regulations related to the product design.

4, applicants with experience in elevator industry are preferred.

5, work seriously, carefully, strong sense of responsibility, self-motivated.

Elevator Quality Inspector

1 member    salary: negotiable   apply for this post

Job Responsibilities:

1, in strict accordance with the national standards and relevant provisions of the elevator industry, providing quality information for the maintenance at site, to jointly study the measures to solve the problems of maintenance quality, and do the quality service work well.

2, supervising the implementation of technical procedures, responsible for the technical, quality inspection and supervision of the maintenance.

3, responsible for the quality inspection after the installation of the elevator and the quality inspection of the maintenance site.

4, where there are major quality problems, report to the relevant departments timely and make record.

5, cooperating with the company on the review of ISO9001, ISO14000, ISO180000 system and so on.

6, completing the other works assigned by the company or leaders.

Job Requirements:

1, more than two years of experience in elevator technology, with Elevator Inspector Certificate, good ability in actual operation.

2, familiar with the use of the knowledge of basic machinery and electrics related to the elevator.

3, complete control of the standard and laws and regulations of the elevator production, inspection and acceptance.

4, good analytic skills and communication skills, able to work independently.

5, strong sense of responsibility, professional ethics, able to severe the company for a long term.

6, Secondary Vocational School Education and above, mechanical and electrical major.

Contract Execution Assistant

1 member   salary: negotiable   apply for this post

Job Responsibilities:

1, conducting the first trial of the contracts of the sales department, giving suggestions for amending unreasonable clauses.

2, judging the quotation of the non-standard or non-conventional products.

3, setting up ledger for the contracts that have gone into effect and make real-time updates.

4, issuing the production order, exploration notice and shipping notice to the relevant departments timely.

5, arranging and analyzing contract execution data and information and forwarding them to the relevant departments.

6, managing the company official seal, special seal for contractual uses, and making good registration about the seal use in accordance with the provisions.

7, completing other tasks assigned by the superior leaders;

Job Requirements :

1, Secondary Vocational School Education and above

2, with relevant knowledge about production management and contract management.

3, familiar with the model specification of the company products, sales policies, production equipment and capacity.

4, good ability of language communication and writing skills.

5, proficient in OFFICE office software.

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