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Specializing in passenger elevators, cargo elevators, inorganic room elevators, escalators, automatic sidewalks and various types of mechanical parking equipment

Fine product installation and quality after-sales service is an important part of the quality assurance system of Alpha Company, but also we based on the market and the basis of the development of the advantages. To this end, the company established a strong national team and professional installation of customer service service network and spare parts supply system, 4001090886 service hotline to provide 24 hours of "zero distance, all-weather" customer service.

Companies in strict accordance with the "security law" the requirements of special equipment manufacturers for final inspection, ensure that the installation of products meet the national standard, safety technical specifications and the enterprise standard, can ensure each elevator equipment is in normal operating state.

Company to provide comprehensive technical support, can be agents and end customers to solve difficult problems, from the customer's worries.

Fast spare parts service, handling customer service department immediately received customer complaints or bad return request, in line with the first to solve the problem after judging principle of responsibility quickly for the spare parts, ensure the elevator can recover quickly, thus improving customer satisfaction.

The company is located in Nantong as the country's famous elevator Township, the company's technical staff from the rich experience, installation and maintenance technician team can handle all kinds of elevator problems.

The company provides comprehensive technical training services, the factory has specialized training elevator and training classrooms, there are all kinds of training materials. For agents, users of engineering and technical personnel, safety management personnel to provide technical training, to master the elevator debugging technology and safety management knowledge, improve the level of business, and lay a solid foundation for the quality and safety operation of elevator equipment.

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